Learn how to grow your own crystals and create a your own crystal necklace, using Mine&Shine kit.




1.Pour 150 ml of  boiling water to the glass.


Add 1 crystal powder bag.


Stir well until all the powder has dissolved.


2. Let the mix cool to the room temperature (20-40 minutes) before the next step.


3.Gently place the Holder with the pendant into the Glass and make sure the crystal

remains in place.


4.Place the glass in a cool area, avoid direct sunlight. Make sure to keep it still.

Movement may cause disturbance, and can affect the crystal quality.


After a few hours you can see that the crystal has grown and connected to the pendant.

Each environment  has its own conditions, it's ok if it takes more or less time to grow.


once the crystal reached your desired size you can take out the

holder and let the pendant dry on a paper towel.


Attach the pendant to the chain.


Congratulations! Now you can wear your new crystal necklace!


Share with us your jewelry, your crystals and story! #mineandshine




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